An "advocate" is defined as, a person who pleads another's cause.  The K.E.N. Project believes that parents of Kids with Exceptional Needs are their children's most effective advocates because they have an intimate knowledge and understanding of what their children truly need in order to grow and flourish.

The K.E.N. Project provides instruction in "The Art of Advocacy" for families and professionals working with Kids with Exceptional Needs.  We teach parents the skills they need to deal with difficult situations that arise almost daily.  We provide functional, practical tips on being an effective advocate.  We assist parents and professionals to understand the complex web of federal, state and county statutes, regulations,
policies and guidelines that govern access to educational, therapeutic and medical services.  

The K.E.N. Project is committed to explaining the law in "plain English" and teaching parents how to use the law to obtain the services their children need.  The K.E.N. Project ensures that parents and professionals have the most up-to-date information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, its most recent amendments and its implementing Regulations.  We also provide information on the other laws that effect children with special needs.